• Marpart is a unique place with atmosphere

    In two professionally prepared rooms you can forget about everyday problems and give in to what we like the most :)

    Rehearsal rooms are equipped with sound equipment, complete drum kits and digital piano YAMAHA.

    Each team can work here in comfort. The room number 1 with an area of 35m2 is set MAPEX HORIZON BIRCH with a set of plates, and the room number 2 with an area of 20m2 is set Pearl with a set of plates.

    Free internet (WiFi), the possibility of tea/coffee.

    All rooms are heated in winter, and in summer the air conditioning running.

    Very low prices and no additional fees for the use of sound equipment and drums (complete), what makes the rooms unrivaled.

    In marpart find alarm system and cameras 24H! Your equipment will be safe!

    The room is non-smoking!

    You can register material on professional equipment. Prices are set individually.

    Instant access from neighboring towns, through DTS (2 minutes from the exit of the DTS) or walk - 7 minutes from the center of Swietochlowice :)

    Hall is open from 8.00 to 22.00, seven days a week. The possibility of playing the 22 - Call us!

    Attempts are written to the graphic after receiving a text message with information:
    - Name or Team Name
    - Weekday (date)
    - Hours sample (from / to)

    The appeal attempts please inform by telephone 24 hours before!!! Otherwise, you will be charged at 50% of the attempts.


  • Hardware Room 1 (35m2):

    • Mapex horizon birch - 22/10/12/14 ,14/5,5 werbel
    • Plates AMEDIA, Zildjian (hihat, crash, Ride) + twinpedal DW 7000
    • Combo LDM - 100W
    • Head Hughes & Kettner + Kolumna 150W
    • Combo Fender Frontman 212R 2x12 - 100W
    • ALESIS Multimix 8 USB FX
    • Columns Active Alto Professional TS115A 800W
    • Digital piano YAMAHA ARIUS
    • Microphones Shure + stands
    • Microphone cable

    Hardware Room 2 (20m2):

    • Pearl - 22/12/13/16, 15/5 werbel
    • Plates Amedia, Zildjian (hihat, crash, ride)
    • Combo basowe Line 6 lowdown Pro - 300W
    • Combo Fender Frontman 212R 2x12 - 100 W
    • Speakers active Wharfedale Titan 8A MKII (2 szt.)
    • Microphones Shure + stands - Microphone cable
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